Foreign exchange EA of those misconceptions you believe in

avatradebroker avatradetradingrebate avatrade forex broker trading tools believe that foreign exchange investors are not unfamiliar, cashback forex even many investors are now using it in accordance with your pre-set conditions for automatic trading and trading, and because it is a computer-automated orders, so you can more quickly place orders and close positions but the market for foreign exchange EA is divided into two extremes: foreign exchange EA useless theory (such as: the market does not exist to long-term Stable foreign exchange EA) and foreign exchange EA omnipotent theory (such as: find a good EA can make money lying down) about the above statement, the industry gave a more pertinent answer:   market there can be long-term stable foreign exchange EA foreign exchange EA has been developed for decades, from the initial single strategy to the current multi-strategy, has been progressing, the current global top investment banks are also in the So, not the foreign exchange EA can not, but you use the foreign exchange EA can not, can long-term stable profitability of the foreign exchange EA either do not let you see, let you see will not be sold but, can achieve long-term, stable profitability of the EA is really not much, in the market for sale in the foreign exchange EA is the old version of the EA, only the simple traditional simple indicator overlay or a single strategy really good foreign exchange EA Should have the ability to correct risk, must be multi-strategy can also switch according to the market itself and the most important point, foreign exchange EA is a computer program, then great investors, ultimately can not escape because of overconfidence or too greedy, fear and other human weaknesses and lead to years of accumulation of ruin! Human weaknesses are the life and death of the trader and EA can ignore feelings and mentality problems in strict accordance with the established strategy for trading   not find a good use of foreign exchange EA will be able to make money lying down foreign exchange EA is only a tool, and the key is still in the use of tools of people, human-machine unity is the best profit weapon so far, there is no one that can be stable profit in the trend market, and can In the oscillating market stable profitability of trading indicators or EA nor every single is a profitable EA, the so-called stable profitability refers to the average profit and loss value within six months or even a year We need to do is to focus on the market situation, determine the opening time, closing time, position risk control, retraction risk control (according to the account size, capital properties, book profits of different) to manual or programmed risk control intervention, only man-machine Only human-machine to achieve maximum profitability of a set of EA good and bad, the criterion for judging is simple, is the period of the real trading, no more than a year of real trading, how to talk about the real run, in the foreign exchange market risk time repeatedly occur, foreign exchange EA trading can be extremely risky, like Martin strategy a little careless, a black swan, a wave of slow bull up and down, will lead to account burst so a set of EA real run judging The standard is not just how much he earned in a month or months, but how long he can go through the test, he can withstand the uncertainty of the risk event brought about by the retraction of funds in the test of forex EA download